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Mailing List

The BALID mailing list stimulates discussion among its members. It facilitates resource sharing, communication, research, and community building.  The intention is to maximize the effectiveness of e-mail-based information dissemination to the entire community. Every message sent to the list is distributed to all the members. Replies to individual messages are also distributed to all the members just like the initial post. Thus, members can discuss in an organized, fast and convenient way. The mailing list is a “closed list”, only subscribers can post to the list. This prevents unwanted posting of spam messages to the list.

BALID members can subscribe the mailing list. Please mention full name, designation, organization name and BALID membership number in the subscription request.
To post a message send it to:
Mailing List Etiquette
BALID welcomes respectful discussion of professional issues, with the motto of Challenge the idea not the person. The members should follow etiquettes depicted below:

Subject line
i) Each message should contain a meaningful and informative subject line. 
ii) Honesty, clarity and conciseness are the best policy in composing the subject line. The professionals have limited time and browse the subject lines for topics they are intrigued by.
Encouraged topics
iii) Informative message, discussion, news regarding library and library professional development are encouraged.
iv) Article/document request should contain appropriate bibliographic information and necessary web links (if available). 
v) Diverse opinion and meaningful discussion are always welcome. Senders are responsible for the opinion and the contents of the message.
Discouraged topics
vi) Non-professional messages, political or religious propaganda and obscenity to anybody or any organization must be avoided.
vii) Refrain from sending "only thanks giving" message in reply which  can be sent to the concerned person directly.
viii) Chain e-mails, product boycotts, advertising or commercial marketing messages are not welcome. 
Formation of mail
ix) The message should be brief and to the point. 
x) While seeking guidance/assistance on a specific topic/issue, detailed information should be provided about the problem.
xi) Use of plain black text and web links are encouraged. 
xii) Use of graphics including background color are discouraged.
Net Etiquette
xiii) Same etiquette is expected as if the discussion were face-to-face in an atmosphere of respect and professionalism.
xiv) The tone of the message should be professional and must be refrained from personal attacks.
xv) Personal message should be sent to the person directly unless it is useful for the other members as well.
xvi) Extra care should be taken while sharing personal, confidential, copyrighted or trademarked content.

In order to promote free, open and responsible discussion, BALID mailing list is not moderated. Spam or abusive message or commercial use of the mailing list is a potential ground for removal from the list. If the mailing list face any problem of spam or irrelevant messages various measures will be taken to insure the relevant message.
Old Accounts and Other Problems
Sometimes one cannot get messages or do not like to receive messages on the email address from where first subscription was made. In that case, send a new request with the email where you want to receive messages. The new one will replace the Old subscription email address.