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Seminar on Library vs Internet - Celebration of National Library Day 2019

To celebrate “National Library Day” as declared by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, BALID in collaboration with Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and Pacific (CIRDAP) is  going to organize a Seminar on “Library vs Internet” on Saturday, 23 February 2019 at 2:30 pm at CIRDAP International Conference Centre (CICC) , Chameli House, 17 Topkhana Road, Dhaka.
Theme: Library vs Internet
Keynote Presenter: Dr. Md. Nazim Uddin, Senior Manager and Head, icddr,b Library
Summary: We live in the information age, where access to e-resources is very easy and friendly through Internet. If anyone needs quick information, they just go to Internet and just a few quick clicks, huge amount of e-resources will be appeared before the Internet users. For this reason, some of us might be thinking, "COOL. I don't have to go to the library. I can do all my research ONLINE." Do you think that Internet is your solution? No, Internet might be very helpful but it doesn’t give us appropriate solution. Hence, Internet could not be the substitute for the library. It's a tool best used in addition to traditional research sources. There are some confusions arise amongst us on Internet and Library. To give a clear and understandable perception on this issue, BALID is going to organize a Seminar on Connects – people to people, people to place, people to library, people to Internet, people to learning and finally, Library vs Internet.
BALID members, participants and professionals are kindly requested to complete the REGISTRATION form below. There is no fee for participating the seminar but registration is a must.

Registration deadline: 17 February 2019
For any query please e-mail to or call at 01917-140504

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